HORRIBLE HISTORIES – Historical Consultant

Greg Jenner is most notable for his role as Historical Consultant to BBC’s multi-award winning ‘Horrible Histories comedy TV series. Since 2008 he has been responsible for the factual accuracy of more than 1,800 sketches and 120+ songs, with subject matter that spans the entirety of human history. As a writer he has also contributed several sketches, and was a lyricist on three songs. He has also made Horrible Histories With Stephen Fry, five series of HH: Gory Games, and the accompanying CBBC online games.

In 2014 Horrible Histories was named the ‘Best Non-Fiction Children’s Programme of the Past 50 Years’ by the International Prix Jeunesse (which was nice!) and it twice won ‘Best Sketch Show’ at the British Comedy Awards — being the first children’s programme ever to have been nominated for this accolade. Greg Jenner was also a named recipient of a Children’s BAFTA award in 2011, and the series then broke records by winning four consecutive Children’s BAFTAs in a row. Since 2009, it has picked up 21 BAFTA nominations and 8 wins in total. In 2017 the Magna Carta anniversary special won an International Emmy award for Kids: Best Factual

PRESENTER – TV, Radio, Podcast

Greg has recently moved in front of the camera, appearing as an expert panellist on BBC2’s The Great Tudor History Quiz  and as co-host of BBC2’s Inside Versailles: a historical discussion show broadcast after each episode of the BBC’s lavish Versailles drama.

With a large Twitter following, in 2018 Greg was one of the social media ambassadors for the 14-18 NOW commemorative project to mark the centenary of the First World War ending.

Greg wrote and presented his debut radio documentary Hilarious Histories: What’s So Funny About The Past? for BBC Radio 4 Extra in early 2019. The 3-hour programme explores how comedy writers have used the past for material, and features an interview with Stephen Fry.

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FILM & TV DRAMA – HISTORICAL CONSULTANT (contact Greg directly at

Greg Jenner works in the TV and Film industry as a historical consultant, being well versed in both the rules of dramatic storytelling and the complexity of historical accuracy. As well as developing his own projects, Greg has been Historical Consultant to BBC TV’s Horrible Histories for over a decade. He was also the  lead adviser on the Horrible Histories Movie: Rotten Romans (2019), is currently working on a Cold War spy drama for the BBC (In development), a major UK feature film set in the 17th century (in development), and a Viking sitcom (in development).  If you are looking for a knowledgeable, versatile historian who is skilled in dealing with narrative storytelling, and solving creative problems, Greg is available as a freelance consultant.

Between 2006 and 2008, Greg worked for Hardy Pictures, an award-winning company specialising in factually-sourced historical dramas. Though primarily hired to develop future projects, he played a crucial role on the 2 x 90 minute drama, 1066: The Battle For Middle Earth’ produced for Channel 4. He also conducted extensive genealogical research for BBC4’s Spanish Flu drama The Forgotten Fallen, and undertook weeks of archival research for Channel 4’s Untold Battle Of Trafalgar.

Greg began his career behind the scenes in documentaries, and predominantly worked for one of the nation’s top independent history producers, Lion TV. These programmes explored various themes, including MI5’s role in WW1, Queen Elizabeth I’s sex life (!), ancient Thracian archaeology in Bulgaria, the canonisation of medieval saints, and Britain’s best historical landmarks.