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You're dead to me

Greg is the host of the smash hit BBC podcast series ‘You’re Dead To Me’, which pairs up top comedians with top historians to deliver funny, fascinating summaries of the most interesting subjects from global history

Homeschool History

Greg was also the host of the Homeschool History, a funny and informative Radio 4 and BBC Sounds radio series aimed at young children

A somewhat complete history of sitting down

Yes, it’s a strange kind of history. An 8-part podcast series exploring the cultural history of how we sit, where we sit, who gets to sit, and why?

Hilarious Histories - What's So Funny About The Past?

Greg Jenner embarks on an Arthurian quest to find out how comedy writers make history funny. Over the three hours we’ll hear a range of comedy from the BBC archives, as well as interviews with comedian-turned-Classicist Natalie Haynes, Horrible Histories Head Writer Ben Ward, Austentatious improvisers Cariad Lloyd and Andrew Hunter-Murray, and Stephen Fry, who apparently was in a show called Blackadder.

The Origin of Stuff

Comedian Katy Brand pays homage to the overlooked, and sometimes underrated, essentials of everyday life. Greg is the resident historian for the 6 episodes

Guest appearances

Greg has also appeared on multiple radio and podcast shows

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