Homeschool History

The artwork for BBC Homeschool History podcast shows a cartoon of Queen Cleopatra winking, with books and a globe behind her

During the Coronavirus lockdown, the BBC asked Greg and his team to make an emergency podcast for children who were unable to attend school. Homeschool History ran for two series, offering up short, funny, and informative history lessons presented by Greg (and aided by silly sound FX) aimed at young children. Each episode focused on a different historical subject from world history, and met with great success. It was one of the only ever examples of a children’s programme being broadcast on BBC Radio 4, allowing socially distanced grandparents and other family members to listen in to what children were hearing, so they could later compare scores from the quiz at the end!

Homeschool History was well-received by critics and listeners. It was twice honoured at the British Podcast Awards 2020, winning the silver medal in the Best Radio category and being nominated in the Best Family category. The second series was also nominated in Best Radio at the British Podcast Awards 2022.


“If you’ve noticed your eight-year-old discoursing with uncharacteristic erudition on such matters as the Declaration of Breda and the theatrical advances of the late 17th century, it’s likely he or she has been tuning in to Homeschool History on BBC Radio 4. Under the cover of goofy sound effects (the squelches, gasps and boings apparently so vital to engaging young intellects), Jenner manages to smuggle through a detailed summary of a complicated period of British history. At one point he even quotes at length from the diary of John Evelyn.” –  THE TIMES