You’re Dead to Me

The You're Dead To Me artwork is a joke about the Bayeux Tapestry depicting the Norman Conquest of 1066. In the image, Harold Godwinson has an arrow in his eye and is pointing in accusatory manner at William the Conqueror, who protests his innocence.

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What’s the podcast about?

Greg is the host of the smash hit BBC podcast series ‘You’re Dead To Me’, which pairs up top comedians with top historians to deliver funny, fascinating explorations of the most interesting, surprising, and overlooked subjects from global history.

You’re Dead To Me is an established international hit, with listeners all over the world. It debuted in its launch week at Number 1 in the Apple Podcast UK Charts, in 2019, and was named among their Best of 2019. It has since become a BBC Sounds flagship podcast, with nearly 100 million downloads since its launch.

Series 3 was shortlisted for the Listeners’ Choice Award at the British Podcast Awards 2021. Series 4 was the most successful series yet for audience figures, becoming the most downloaded podcast on BBC Sounds in 2021. It was voted Best Radio Entertainment Programme at the British Comedy Guide Awards 2021, 2022, and 2023 , and it was nominated for Best Entertainment at the British Podcast Awards 2022.

Series 5 launched in 2022, becoming the most downloaded BBC Sounds podcast for people aged under 35, and number 2 overall behind BBC Newscast. Episode 1 featured guest star Stephen Fry talking about the life of Frederick the Great of Prussia.

Series 6 featured a live episode with guest comedian Dara O’Briain, about Leonardo Da Vinci. It was recorded before a full audience at the BBC Radio Theatre with a 7-piece musical accompaniment from the BBC Concert Orchestra – LISTEN TO IT HERE!

Series 7 featured a live episode about Mozart, recorded at LSO St Luke’s in London and featuring comedian David O’Doherty and 54 musicians from the BBC Concert Orchestra

Greg poses with comedian Cariad Lloyd and historian Professor Suzannah LipscombeGreg poses with the British Comedy Guide award You're Dead To Me won in 2021A composite image from the Zoom call showing the historian Professor Peter Frankopan, comedian Olga Koch, host Greg, and the rest of the production team. They are all laughing very hard.A composite image of the zoom call for You're Dead To Me featuring Professor Tineke D'Haeseleer, Greg, the production team, and comedian Evelyn Mok all laughing uproariouslyGreg poses with comedian Richard Osman, and chocolate expert Alex HutchinsonGreg talks with archaeologist Dr Rebecca Wragg-Sykes and musical comedian Tim MinchinGreg Jenner, literary historian Dr Corin Throsby and comedian Stu Goldsmith laugh as Stu makes a point. They sit with colourful microphones in front of their mouths. Greg wears a purple jumper. Dr Corin Throsby wears black, and Stu Goldsmith is in a light blue t-shirt

Critical Reviews

"You're Dead To Me is an entertaining and digestible whizz through an interesting topic from the past... The format is a treat" 
- The Times, Podcast of the Week February 5th 2022
"Greg Jenner, of Horrible Histories fame, takes the fun of that franchise to the airwaves in this charming podcast." 
- The Week, The Best History Podcasts of All Time
"A hugely enjoyable weekly appointment for anyone with a thirst for knowledge"

"This amusing new podcast follows TV outings such as Drunk History and Horrible Histories in making the past that little bit more exciting"

"There are jokes aplenty as Jenner goes about the serious business of unravelling the past. You’re Dead To Me is the perfect example of how children can learn without even realising it. It’s cheeky and irreverent – just the sort of tone youngsters love."

"You will no doubt find yourself coming back for more"

"It’s rare that a podcast can appeal to both parents and children, but this one manages it, because Jenner has a light and upbeat persona, and because of the topics chosen... Jenner’s script is tight and witty and everyone knows their stuff. In short, this is In Our Time meets Horrible Histories. What’s not to like?"